Silver Parthenon Razor V2.0 Luxury Combo Kit (1pc razor, 1pc razor stand, 1pc leather case, 1pc shaving soap bowl, 1pc badger shaving brush & 5pcs Qshave Blade). Worldwide Free Shipping

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Product Description

Parthenon uses one double edge blade, and the curved blade allows you to have a close shave while protecting your skin. The entire rest of the razor is constructed from brass. With plastic and cartridge razors, you must pull the razor across your face which is the main source of irritation and cuts. With Parthenon, you let the weight of the razor itself do the work which leads to a close, rejuvenating shave.

1 pc of Parthenon Razor (Silver Version)

1 pc of Razor Stand

1 pc of Leather Razor Sleeve Protect

50 pcs of Feather Double Edge Blades

1 pc of Shaving Brush 100% Pure Badger Hair Bristle

1 pc of Shaving Bowl Made of Stainless Steel with Lid