5 Blades Cartridge. Worldwide Free Shipping

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  • Package: 4 pcs
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5 Blades, Trimmer Blade, Lubrication Strip

  • Guardian Trimmer Blade for hard to shave areas...goatee, sideburns, under nose, and back of neck

  • Vitamin E and Aloe Lubricating Strip reduces skin irritation

  • 5 Stainless Steel Blades to more evenly distribute pressure for a more comfortable, less irritating shave

  • Built-in Rubber Fin to prep hair and a tilting head to cover every angle of your face


Bob Connell

Cant believe its taken the world this long to design a cartridge razor that's so good! The best shave I've had for many years, well done for designing such a superb product but also a clever subscription based service.

Tony Reynolds

Far superior with regards the overpriced Gillette range and keep their sharp edge even after 4 shaves! Give your face a treat!

Rob Pogorek

They give a really close shave, the handle that makes the blade controllable!! I love it.

Howard Jones

Amazing! Best wet shave I've had in years. No razor burn, no nicks and super smooth. Can't imagine shaving with anything else now.

Glenn G

I’ve just used your razor for the first time and it’s the best shave I can remember.

Dale Tolliver

I am currently using the five bladed model, and I do not believe I have ever had a closer shave.

Mike Baldwin

The handle is sturdy and easy to grip, the blades are very good, and the price is fantastic.