Troy Talbot

If you are looking to buy a good trimmer and don't want to spend a fortune (Schick, Gillette) to replace the blades this is your product. The blades are top notch so is the razor. I highly recommend them.

Bob Connell

Cant believe its taken the world this long to design a cartridge razor that's so good! The best shave I've had for many years, well done for designing such a superb product but also a clever subscription based service.

Tony Reynolds

Far superior with regards the overpriced Gillette range and keep their sharp edge even after 4 shaves! Give your face a treat!

Rob Pogorek

They give a really close shave, the handle that makes the blade controllable!! I love it.

Howard Jones

Amazing! Best wet shave I've had in years. No razor burn, no nicks and super smooth. Can't imagine shaving with anything else now.

Glenn G

I’ve just used your razor for the first time and it’s the best shave I can remember.

Dale Tolliver

I am currently using the five bladed model, and I do not believe I have ever had a closer shave.

Mike Baldwin

The handle is sturdy and easy to grip, the blades are very good, and the price is fantastic.

Steve Pipkin

These 3-blade cartridges give a good close shave that lasts all day. I used Mach III blades for many years and by the end of the day my beard was growing out and looked rough, but this one cuts closer and the shave lasts, and looks good all day. Plus, these blades are less than half the cost of Mach III.

Kurt Carter

While the six blade cartridges are nice, I found these to be better for me. I have a heavy, thick beard and the six blade seemed to have more friction and tugging. These seem to suit me better and have far less resistance.

Doug DeWitt

I was sure this would be a piece of crap when I ordered it. I took a chance and was very surprised by the quality of this razor, not cheap at all.

David Sheluga

I like this handle very much, its not a flimsy one at that. to me it's very sturdy and the grip is great. The price to me is very affordable comparing to the leading brands out there, they don't come close.

Bill Loucks

I'm done paying stupid amounts of money to shave. Had actually considered growing a beard to reduce exorbitant razor costs. Qshave is the answer...most highly recommend.

Clark Rawnsley

Both the razor and blades exceeded expectations.

Adam Cohn

I have now used this several times after receiving it in the mail. The weight and heft of the handle feel great, although the handle design is meant to hold the razor differently than what I find comfortable - but that is truly a minor point. The blades feel great on my face. They are extremely smooth and just glide across my face. The shave was really top notch.