U*a S.May 30, 2017 UTC

Quality EXCELLENT 5555555555 points

A***r A.May 30, 2017 UTC

an excellent replacement for Gillette Mach 3, which is more expensive, the packaging is excellent, it's a pity that the post crushed it. Shaves qualitatively, does not cut.

D***s Z.May 30, 2017 UTC

The quality of the packaging of goods is wonderful! The razor itself is done neatly! Blades shave very well!

E*******a M.May 30, 2017 UTC

E***r S.May 30, 2017 UTC

The quality of delivery and packaging of goods is excellent.

O**g P.May 30, 2017 UTC

Blades are good enough for a long time.

D*****y K.May 30, 2017 UTC

The quality is excellent, I recommend!

N*****a K.May 29, 2017 UTC

Razor is good, worth the money

V****r K.May 28, 2017 UTC

Bought relying on reviews. A wonderful razor. Quality worthy. I ordered two more packages of four cassettes.

D****i K.May 26, 2017 UTC

Thank you seller. The razor is excellent. Blades in the kit are sharp and shave well.

A****y P.May 26, 2017 UTC

A good razor, I recommend!

P***l P.May 26, 2017 UTC

sharp blades

P***l M.May 26, 2017 UTC

O**g V.May 25, 2017 UTC

K********n S.May 24, 2017 UTC

The quality of shaving is the same as that of Gillette Sensor Power. If the blades are as cheap and quality as those in the set, then I will only use them. Two week-long beard, this razor destroyed within 15 minutes without a single cut and without skin irritation.