S****y K.May 23, 2017 UTC

The blades are really very good. I recommend to buy.

NicolaMay 21, 2017 UTC

Premetto che io ho appena iniziato ad usare il rasoio di sicurezza abbandonando i costosi rasoi di plastica. Ho letto alcune recensioni sul rasoio Merkur futur originale e francamente pur non avendolo mai usato ho riscontrato delle buone caratteristiche sia in termini qualitativi che in termini di risultato della rasatura. Ottima la possibilità di regolare il grado di rasatura attraverso la riusciva del manico. Consigliato...

David J. PonsfordMay 18, 2017 UTC

An early review as I've only used this twice. Firstly the razor itself is a very good quality, the last time I used a safety razor was when I was younger and used my dad's one. How time has improved this. The shave itself is very good and comfortable and I use shaving as pleasure now rather than something that needed to be done. One thing I would say to learn from my mistake, this razor doesn't come with a blade and it's worth ordering blades when you order the razor, as it's not as easy as you would think to find blades on the high street.

PandinoMay 18, 2017 UTC

Radersi con questo rasoio è davvero un piacere, sebbene regolato per essere più aggressivo (lo uso tra 4 e 5), regala sempre una rasatura "dolce". Due sole passate son più che soddisfacenti. Attualmente provato con le Astra Platinum, con le Shark Super Chrome e le Wilkinson Economie. Non ho notato alcun problema meccanico o di allineamento della lametta (diversamente dal Parker 22R, che ho dovuto smontare). Non posseggo il Merkur Futur, quindi non posso fare paragoni, ma sono strasoddisfatto dell'acquisto.

A***m P.May 18, 2017 UTC

Delivered for a month. Everything is beautiful and neat. I have not shaved yet, but I am sure that I will not be disappointed. Thank you!

N*****a S.May 18, 2017 UTC


ravey1May 16, 2017 UTC

This has got to be the best DESR i have ever had. it's so easy to use and great for sensitive skin with adjustable blade exposure. The Closeness of the shave is absolutely unbelievable-had it on a 3 setting. (I am using Feather Blade)-would recommend this product to anyone whether a seasoned user or beginner. Plus the the price is unbeatable.

V*****y S.May 16, 2017 UTC

excellent! Tried 3x - no worse than fusion.

A****y S.May 16, 2017 UTC

Good quality, I'm surprised

E******a P.May 16, 2017 UTC

The order came in 4 weeks. Well packaged. A good option for a gift

E***n B.May 16, 2017 UTC

extremely great.

coachmanMay 15, 2017 UTC

Seems to be a good product, well made and finished. The razor works fine, it can be a bit aggresive on the higher settings but shaves well. No problems would recommed.

linux AnwenderMay 15, 2017 UTC

Top Rasierhobel. Hallo ich kann also den Rasierhobel sehr empfehlen.sehr gute Handhabung sehr sanft und von der Qualität her echt gut. Kann ich gerne eine Kaufempfehlung vergeben.

W**d W.May 15, 2017 UTC


M****a S.May 14, 2017 UTC

I ordered two razors. Packed well. The exterior looks chic, but in fact has not tried. Thank you.